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Training Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Training Coordinator, or Learning Coordinator is responsible for training internal staff in compliance with a company’s annual training plan and the set budget. Their primary roles are identifying training needs, preparing training materials and conducting training programmes.

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Training Coordinator duties and responsibilities

A Training Coordinator performs the following duties and responsibilities within the organisation:

  • Creating relevant in-house training programmes and resources for staff
  • Selecting the most appropriate training methods and activities
  • Performing needs assessment to identify knowledge gaps and areas in need of improvement
  • Providing vital information about training sessions and informing personnel about available training
  • Liaising with management and customer service to create annual training plans
  • Researching and recommending new training techniques to HR, creating the curriculum and updating it to reflect developments within the industry
  • Ordering training supplies and materials to enhance the instruction programme
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Training Coordinator Job Description Examples:

What does a Training Coordinator do?

The Training Coordinator prepares all the training materials, user guides and videos, then actively trains members of staff. The Training Coordinator designs, develops and manages all aspects of the training programme.

Apart from administering training programmes, the Training Coordinator also ensures training activities are conducted in a timely manner. This professional also supports the organisation by ensuring that the training adheres to the existing policies and regulations.

Since the Training Coordinator works with various departments, they also liaise with managers to identify departmental training needs. They assist with scheduling development plans for both individuals and teams.

Training Coordinator skills and qualifications

A successful Training Coordinator candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, that typically include:

  • Familiarity with various training methods and techniques
  • Highly skilled in Excel (2010 onwards) Pivot Tables/Vlookups and SAP systems (ECC)
  • Working knowledge of content development tools and learning management systems
  • Working knowledge of project management methodologies
  • Ability to operate media equipment, such as personal computers and projectors
  • Ability to assign aptitude or competency tests to assess the learners
  • Excellent leadership skills and presentation skills
  • Formal HR qualification and/or a relevant certification

Training Coordinator experience requirements

The Training Coordinator should have at least five years of experience in a similar role, or as an HR practitioner, facilitator, or a similar role. The applicant needs to be familiar with the equipment and instructional material requirements for each project. The Training Coordinator also needs to have experience creating training plans and programmes for all of the departments. Experience working in the Human Resources or Training Department is a plus.

Training Coordinator education and training requirements

The Training Coordinator should hold a degree in Training, Education, Human Resources or a related field. The person applying for the position of Training Coordinator should also be proficient using MS Office or Microsoft Suite and familiar with common training methods.

Training Coordinator salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Training Coordinator in the UK, is £24, 437 per year. This varies depending on the experience and the location.

Job description samples for similar positions

If you are looking to hire other personnel with a background in HR or training, other relevant job descriptions include:

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Training Coordinator job description FAQs

Which qualities make a good Training Coordinator?

A good Training Coordinator is capable of conducting high-level trainings and managing attendees so that they learn at the best pace. They should possess excellent verbal communication skills, as the training is done orally. Since the Training Coordinator works with personnel across many departments, they also need to have good interpersonal skills. They must also have a competent level of experience with Microsoft products and digital systems, such as Learner Plus, SharePoint and Zoom.

What should you look for in a Training Coordinator CV?

When reviewing a Training Coordinator’s CV, look out for their training experience, work history and their training methods. The right candidate ideally should have at least five years of experience training personnel and creating training modules or resources. Ensure that the applicant has a firm grasp of modern training, knows how to use learning management systems and enjoys working in a collaborative environment.

How can you make your Training Coordinator job description stand out?

Your Training Coordinator job description should be brief, informative and interesting. Make sure it describes the role vividly and provides essential information so that applicants know whether they qualify or not. As you write, ensure your description is interesting and engaging.

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