Youth Worker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Youth Worker, or Community Youth Worker works with the youth to facilitate their social, personal and physical development through informal education. Their duties include organising and running community programmes, helping the youth understand values and ideas and building their confidence and life skills.

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Youth Worker duties and responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of Youth Workers are to provide guidance and support to young people and to help them reach their full potential. Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting, training and managing staff and volunteers
  • Identifying and pursuing sources of funding for projects that will help improve services and resources for young people
  • Communicating with parents and community groups to win support for projects
  • Acting as an advocate for the youth to parents and community groups by forwarding their interests
  • Gaining trust and respect from the youth to develop lasting relationships with them
  • Establishing boundaries for the youth and correcting inappropriate behaviour
  • Assessing them to develop plans and deliver programs related to different areas including smoking, fitness and anti-social behaviour
  • Setting targets for progression and monitoring the quality of youth work provision
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Youth Worker Job Description Examples:

What does a Youth Worker do?

Youth Workers organise educational programs and youth recreational activities such as sports, arts and drama whilst assessing their health, social and emotional requirements. They work with people between the ages of 11 to 25 by planning and managing community events and running social events for those struggling with their social life, health problems and anti-social behaviour.

Youth Workers typically work in colleges, schools, religious youth groups, county-council community centres and youth centres. They tend to work for about 35 to 40 hours per week. However, they may also work extended hours based on service demand.

Youth Worker skills and qualifications

Youth Workers have a great understanding of the issues that affect the lives of the youth and a commitment to help young people. A successful Youth Worker candidate will have various skills and qualifications that include:

  • The ability to support young people and act with integrity during stressful times
  • Excellent people skills and the ability to establish lasting relationships
  • Open-mindedness and willingness to try out new things
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Compassion and patience with other people, tolerance and time-flexibility
  • Interest or talent for sports and performing arts
  • Active listening skills and the ability to solve problems as they occur
  • Excellent CPR skills and a good understanding of health and safety standards

Youth Worker experience requirements

Youth Workers require at least one or two years of experience working with young people, whether voluntary or paid. They can acquire experience through working as Youth Support Workers, volunteering in youth organisations or undertaking individual work with young people. Ideal candidates have experience planning and organising recreational events for the youth and performing office administration duties, such as creating business plans and writing reports.

Youth Worker education and training requirements

To qualify, Youth Workers need a degree accredited by the National Youth Agency such as a bachelor’s in sociology, psychology and law. Candidates with degrees in different subjects can also have postgraduate training in diploma courses or at a master’s level. Some of the postgraduate diploma courses include community work, community development, youth work and theology. It’s also possible for candidates to work as they pursue their education through part-time study, work-based training or distance training.

Youth Worker salary expectations 

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Youth Worker in the UK is £11.81 per hour, depending on factors like experience, education, location and company.

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Youth Worker job description FAQs

What makes a good Youth Worker job description?

A good Youth Worker job description is detailed and well-organised. It’s good to mention your organisation’s needs and the kind of people the Youth Worker will deal with. You can also mention some of the activities that the youth participate in at your organisation and preferred talents or education that candidates must possess. End the job description with a unique section on how candidates must apply to help you find candidates with good attention to details.

What should you look for in a Youth Worker CV?

First, look at the candidates’ previous volunteering work to check for their dedication and passion for youth work. The candidate should mention the activities and main challenges they overcame in their previous work experience. The short description section should inform you about the candidate’s ability to communicate and express themselves clearly.

Who does a Youth Worker report to?

There are no defined organisational structures where a person works above a Youth Worker. However, they often report to those with additional responsibilities such as Senior Youth Workers, Youth Work Managers or Youth Work Project Coordinators.

What's the difference between a Social Worker and Youth Worker?

Whilst a Youth Worker works with young people to assist in their social, personal and educational growth Social Workers, assist people to cope with challenges in their every stage of life. They assist people with a wide range of problems, including child adoption, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, people with disabilities and people with addictions.

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