How to get more candidates by thinking like a jobseeker

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Indeed has over 49.8 million unique visitors per month*, how do you find the right applicant for your role? With 15 years of experience Indeed understands what jobseekers are looking for before clicking apply. Give your job the best chance by making sure jobseekers clearly understand what you can offer and spelling out the requirements for your role.


Not getting enough applicants? We provide tools for you to seek out candidates that meet your qualifications. We’ve included three tips to help you get more of the right candidates for you. 


* Comscore, Unique Visitors, June 2020



Make sure your job description has what jobseekers are looking for


At Indeed, we analyse trends to learn what most jobseekers are looking for when searching for their perfect job. Jobseekers look for specific details when deciding if they’re a mutual fit for your role. The most important information you need to include for any job on Indeed is:

  • Salary range
  • Benefits
  • Shift
  • Location/Area: What part of town is this in? What is my drive or commute?
  • Required qualifications:
  • What type of job you’re hiring for: full-time or part-time


When adding these details to your job description, make sure it’s easy to scan. The typical jobseeker is scanning jobs on Indeed during their lunch break or commute. You want to capture their attention quickly 


This includes:

  • Listing qualifications as easily consumed bullets
  • Avoiding large blocks of text. 
  • Being responsive: When you respond to jobseekers you can receive a responsive employer badge which is immediately visible to jobseekers when searching.   


Don’t forget a descriptive job title


Job titles are key to making sure your role is compelling to jobseekers searching for a role that suits their needs. A tip we often tell employers is to think like a jobseeker. Jobseekers search for jobs by entering the what and where on Indeed. When they enter the what (the job they’re interested in), we prefill industry-standard terms and terms with the most job posts, so we will always prioritise something like “sandwich maker” over “sandwich artist” make sure your job description includes the right terms.



Get better visibility by sponsoring your job


By sponsoring your job, your job appears more in search results and you get better visibility amongst jobseeker. As your role is shown more often, you’re more likely to increase the number of applicants you receive.


Choosing to opt out means your job will fall back in search results over time.  


If you’re currently sponsoring your job and still not getting the number of applicants that you need, consider increasing your budget to the recommended amount and review the tips above.



Proactively search for the right candidates with Indeed CV


If you’re still unhappy with the number of applicants you’ve received, you can also contact jobseekers directly. 


Search our constantly updated Indeed CV database for candidates with exactly the right skills, and qualifications you’re looking for. Learn how to use Indeed CV here.

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