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Resources for Posting and Managing Jobs on Indeed


How-to Hub
How to Post a Job on Indeed
Posting on Indeed is a simple way to make your job visible to millions of job seekers in just a few easy steps.
How to Write Great Job Titles and Job Descriptions for Jobs on Indeed
Learn which details qualified candidates would search. These tips will ensure that your job appears in relevant job seeker search results.
Communicating with Candidates on Indeed
See how easy it is to send messages to interesting applicants, schedule interviews and decline unqualified candidates with automatic, polite rejection messages.
How to Manage Candidates on Indeed
It’s simple to assign statuses to candidates to help organize your hiring efforts with filters and automatic rejection letters. Learn about candidate statutes and how to use them.
Using the Indeed Employer Dashboard to Manage Recruitment
Everything you need to track your hiring progress and manage jobs and candidates in your recruitment campaign is in the Indeed Employer Dashboard.
How to Sponsor a Job on Indeed
Want more applications for your job? Choosing a sponsored job budget is a cost effective, flexible way to keep your listing prominently displayed as free* listing fall back in search results.
How Pricing Works on Indeed
On Indeed, there are no up-front flat fees. Learn to set your own budget to find qualified candidates for your open positions.
Using Data from Performance Reports to Improve Job Listings on Indeed
Understanding how job seekers are reacting to your listing can provide clues about how to improve your listing and find more qualified candidates, faster.
How to Collaborate with Colleagues on Recruitment
Are others in your company involved in hiring decisions? Linking colleagues to your employer account lets them communicate with candidates and add notes on applicants.
How to Specify Job Requirements
Make sure applicants have the experience, language skills and certifications you need by setting job requirements.
How to Get Help and Hiring Information
Get the help you need with support articles, topical blog posts and help from Client Service representatives who can help with everything from job descriptions to setting a budget.
How to Search for Qualified Candidates on Indeed CV
Round out your Indeed recruitment strategy by searching millions of resumes for the experience and skills you need.