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When jobseekers apply to your jobs and show up as candidates in your Employer Dashboard, use candidate statuses to keep your recruitment organised. The ‘Status’ dropdown menu lets you filter candidates so you can view them according to where they are in your recruitment process. You can apply these filters to applicants for a single job, all the jobs you have listed on Indeed, or just jobs that are open, paused or closed.



Here’s how assigning – and then filtering by – candidate status can help you stay on top of things:


Candidates Awaiting Review are those who have applied since you last logged into your employer account and are always a great place to start. Once you’ve taken a look at a candidate, change their status to ‘reviewed’ to indicate that they should remain in consideration or reject them if they don’t seem like a good fit for your position.


Reviewed candidates are ready for action. Record your impressions of an applicant in a note that other people at your company can view through linked accounts, or send a message directly to the candidate to get more information about their experience.


Phone screened candidates have had at least one conversation with someone at your company by phone. Filtering your applicants to see a list of all phone screened candidates will help you decide who should move on to an interview.


Interviewed candidates include the most compelling applicants to come through your recruitment process. When you consider your list of interviewed applicants, consider what additional information would be useful in helping you make a decision about them. Another interview? A writing sample?


Offer made denotes the candidate who appears to be the best fit for your position. If you’re recruiting for more than one position, filtering by offer made allows you to follow up with candidates who are still considering your offer.


Rejected candidates can receive an automated email to let them know they are no longer being considered. You can edit your rejection message at any time. The rejected candidate status helps employers show responsiveness to applicants.


Hired means you’ve chosen the ideal candidate from all your applicants to your job. Congratulations! Using the hired candidate status gives you access to valuable benchmarks to help you understand your true recruitment costs.


Using candidate statuses helps you organise and manage the candidates in your pipeline for optimal recruitment results.








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