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Indeed is a search engine for jobs. Jobseekers use Indeed to find the most (and most relevant) jobs, and sponsoring your job is an affordable way to make it appear more often among the thousands of free and organic listings that cycle through Indeed results each day.



What is a Sponsored Job?


A Sponsored Job is a paid listing that has optimal visibility. Because of increased visibility over time, Sponsored Jobs deliver more quality applicants to your job openings than postings that aren’t sponsored.



How Sponsored Jobs work


When posting a job, you will have the option to sponsor it after you provide job details, including the title, description and location. To help you decide how much to spend, an estimator tool next to the budget field will give you an idea of how many applications you can expect. This estimate is based on the performance of jobs like yours and only appears if we have enough data to provide an estimate. A higher budget will generally attract more applications for your job.



How much should I spend?


The ideal daily budget depends on the type of job you are offering, the location of the job and how quickly you need to fill the position.  Do you have 60 days to recruit or do you need someone next week? Does the job require common skills that many candidates would have or are you looking for particular qualifications and specialised skills?  Indeed gives you the flexibility to choose how much you want to spend to find the right candidates within your timeframe. If you want more applications, you can increase your budget. If you are getting too many applications, you can reduce your budget or stop sponsoring altogether.


You can always stop spending or change your budget at any time by clicking ‘Edit Job’ in the Employer Dashboard and changing the budget amount, pausing the job or closing it.


Monitor the impact of your Sponsored Jobs with performance reports that track the views, clicks and applications that your listings attract. The data in these reports can help you adjust your Sponsored Job budget to reach the best possible candidates.








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