How to Use Screener Questions on Indeed

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Screener questions are a powerful vetting tool you can add to your job posting for applicants to answer before their application is submitted to you. 


Screener questions can provide valuable insight into an applicant’s qualifications. Adding screener questions to your job post is an effective way to quickly filter down to the most promising candidates. 


Here’s how you can use screener questions to organise your recruitment process.



Deciding what questions to include


Screener questions ensure that the candidates you consider inviting for an interview have the qualifications you require. If you want to be positive that a candidate has a certain number of years of experience, certifications or other hard skills (like computer programming) or soft skills (like creativity or problem solving), we recommend adding a related screener question to your job posting.


Take a look at your job description’s required qualifications for more ideas.



Adding screener questions to your job posting


Step 1: As you go through the job posting process, you’ll see a page titled ‘Applicant qualifications.’ This is the page to add screener questions to your job posting.


Step 2: Select from the premade list of screener questions or make your own. You can use a variety of question formats such as:


  • Yes or No questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Multiple choice 
  • Asking a particular date or a number
  • Request a file upload 


Step 3: Once you have chosen the questions, you can mark them as required or optional.  Remember, if you make a question optional, applicants may not answer it. We recommend you take some time to discuss with recruitment managers exactly what qualifications are required and which qualifications are ‘nice-to-have’.


Step 4: When the job applications start coming in, you can sort candidates based on the answers to these questions from your Employer Dashboard on the Candidates tab.



Filtering applications by screener question response


Use candidates’ screener question responses to filter your applicants in your Employer Dashboard. This can help you reach out to the most quality applicants first and help ensure that your top candidates don’t take other positions while you’re interested in them.


Don’t forget: if you marked a question as optional, some candidates may not have responded. When you filter by optional questions, candidates who didn’t respond may be hidden.


Try exploring different filter options to determine the best way to view the applicants for your position.


Screener questions are just one tool you can use to streamline your recruitment process on Indeed.








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