Job Post Checklist: What to Prepare Before Posting Your Job on Indeed

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We want your job post to attract a great pool of quality candidates, so you can recruit the right person for your business. You can get the most out of your Indeed experience by preparing a few things before posting your job. 


Once you know what a great job description looks like, streamline your recruitment process by following this essential pre-job post checklist. 



Format your job description so it’s easy to scan


Job descriptions with few paragraph breaks are difficult for candidates to read online. Creating a nicely formatted job description will help potential applicants see if they are a good fit for the position in just a few moments.


Best practices for online readability include short paragraphs (no more than three to five sentences apiece), larger text for headings or subheadings and using bullet points or lists more frequently for easy scanning.


We also recommend listing the required qualifications first to help candidates quickly understand if they are qualified.



Research the salary landscape for the position


We recommend researching the average salary range for the position you’re recruiting for in the geographical location where the job will be performed. Allocating the appropriate, competitive salary for the position will ensure that you get candidates that meet all of your needs – including salary range.



Choose who reviews CVs before you post


You can choose an email address specifically for receiving CVs from applicants. While your Indeed employer account is associated with the email address you sign up with, if you have a colleague that should be reviewing CVs first or if you don’t want CV emails in your inbox, you can elect for a different email address to receive CVs.


If you have multiple job postings on Indeed, you can specify different email addresses to receive CV application emails depending on who the recruitment manager or recruiter is for that job post. 



Decide if you will require a cover letter


If you’d like to make a cover letter required for your position, make sure that you mention that in the body of your job description.


Indeed’s job posting system ensures that all applicants must submit a CV when you select ‘CV required’ in the job posting process. However, we don’t require a cover letter, so make sure that you indicate this requirement clearly and early on.



Confirm your job post’s required and preferred qualifications 


Have a solid understanding of what qualifications a good applicant should have before you start searching. 


Stay on track by making a list of the hard and soft skills needed to perform this role well and match those skills with the candidates’ CVs.



Review our automated skills tests


Indeed gives you the option to send a skills test to any candidate as soon as they apply for your job. Take time to review our Skills Tests and choose one that will strategically help you receive more qualified candidates. Our Skills Tests range from accounting skills to retail shelf stocking best practices. There are dozens of skills tests to choose from. 


When a candidate has completed their test, the results will feed directly into your Employer Dashboard. You’ll be able to view and sort candidates based on their test scores.



Create a pitch strategy for potential employees of your company


Remember that a candidate is looking at the trajectory of their career when they apply for a job, so that means you need to be attractive to them too. Be prepared to market the benefits of coming on board. What does the company have to offer? How can they grow in this role? Does the company offer any training or support at different stages of development? What about work/life balance? 


Make sure you have your pitch down before talking with a candidate you hope will join your team. 



Know the current market for the position


Understanding how to align salary, work level and job title for the market you’re in is one of the most important pre-post steps on this checklist If one or more of those factors are out of place, it could be difficult to find candidates that are a good fit. Save yourself time screening unqualified candidates by setting reasonable work responsibilities, salaries and job titles for the role to be filled. Research jobs posted in your area and even nationwide to stay competitive.



Make the time to communicate with candidates


It’s not ideal to let CVs pile up. Remember, good applicants left waiting will likely move on and candidates left in the dark will reflect badly on your company as a whole. Make sure you’ve factored in some time to respond to candidates after publishing your job, whether it’s setting aside a couple of hours twice a week to review candidates or even blocking off an entire day for interviews. 


If someone’s CV really shines, contact them as soon as possible. 


A successful recruit is just a matter of organisation and planning. Make sure you maximise your recruitment process by taking these nine actions into consideration before publishing your job post.








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