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Once your job is live, applicants will appear in the Candidates tab of your Employer Dashboard.


There are a variety of features in your Candidates tab to help manage candidates. You can filter and sort candidates by certain criteria as well as easily see which candidates are new or unreviewed. But, sometimes even these tools don’t always put the best candidates first. 


Here’s how you can use Indeed’s tools to discover the most relevant candidates.



Filter by location, last job title and more


When jobseekers submit their CVs to your job, Indeed will highlight information from their CV that is relevant to you. 


Filter by any or all of these provided details on the left column of the Candidates tab to see which candidates best match your requirements. Then, review the CVs of only the most qualified applicants.



Sort by answers to screener questions


Choosing the right screener questions can be an important tool in your candidate search. Screener questions are job-specific questions used to verify the educational qualifications, skills or experience of candidates. Candidates answer these questions when they apply to your job. Their answers will appear in the Candidates tab with your other filters. (Remember, if your screener question was optional, candidates who didn’t answer will not appear when you sort by screener question response.)



Filter by skills test results


Indeed Skills Tests ensure candidates have the necessary levels of proficiency in important skills for your position. 


Once the candidate has completed the test, their results will automatically appear in your Employer Dashboard and you can filter candidates by their score.



Update candidate status


Organise your recruitment by classifying candidates into specific categories. You can mark a candidate as reviewed, awaiting review, phone screened, interviewed or rejected. Once a candidate’s status has been marked, you can filter applicants based on their status. 


You also have the option of marking candidates as Yes, No or Maybe after you’ve reviewed their CV to remember your thoughts.







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