Pride Now. Pride Forever.

Pride Now. Pride Forever.

Pride isn’t just a month — it’s a movement. Put Pride into practice all year, every year. True progress is made when everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community is welcomed into the workplace with open arms.

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We Need to Make Pride a Priority

The support for Pride continually grows from many companies and employers. Yet, LGBTQIA+ employees still face numerous challenges in the workplace:

  • 35% have not come out in their workplace.Stonewall, "LGBT In Britain: Work Report," 2018
  • 79% have experience of a mental health challenge.Indeed “Working on Wellbeing Report” 2022
  • 35% of job seekers are worried about being harassed or discriminated against at work due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.Stonewall, "LGBT In Britain: Work Report," 2018

Learn What Makes A Workplace Inclusive

An inclusive workplace can give employees from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles a sense of belonging, safety and respect for each other. Here’s how you can help build an environment of acceptance to motivate and inspire your company’s culture.

Tips for Talking Openly about Gender

When it comes to talking about challenges surrounding gender at work, it’s vital to know how to respectfully approach such a topic in general, let alone at work. Here’s some guidance on how to engage in meaningful conversations that benefit everyone.

How to Define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

Creating an inclusive workforce starts with understanding the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. Learn about each action and how you can implement DE&I into your workplace to help improve representation.

Find Companies that Value Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity should be sought after, celebrated and nurtured in the workplace through acts of inclusion. Learn exactly what D&I are, why it’s important and how to find a company that promotes a welcoming culture for all.

7 Reasons Why Diversity & Inclusion Matter

From employee engagement to having an array of thought, supporting diversity and inclusivity can help businesses reach new heights. Here are a few reasons why keeping D&I at the forefront can benefit any company.

Take Free Virtual Courses to Learn More About D&I

Helping tailor your company for diversity and inclusion begins with fully understanding what they are and how they can impact and inspire the workplace. Expand your knowledge of D&I with these free virtual courses.

Why Empathy at Work is about More Than Pronouns

Why Empathy at Work is about More Than Pronouns

As a transgender man, Ryker Knapp, Senior Learning and Development Specialist at Indeed, shares his personal experience of coming out.

Understanding Intersectionality

Understanding Intersectionality

Misty Gaither, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, describes the importance of celebrating Women’s History Month and finding purpose through a non-traditional career path.