Social Impact

Transforming the world of work

We aim to transform the world of work — where everyone gets quality jobs that provide economic security and opportunities for advancement.

Our social impact efforts at Indeed expand on our mission and global ESG commitments, working to break down bias and barriers in hiring to ensure everyone has access to quality jobs and opportunities for advancement.

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Barriers to employment

Most barriers to employment are unrelated to a candidate’s skills or ability to do the job.

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Bias and barriers in hiring can negatively impact a person before, during, and after the job search, making it hard to find, get, and keep a job. In 2022, we identified four strategic focus areas that address barriers to employment to drive our work.

This work is evolving. Our platform gives people the opportunity to provide their demographic data, which is helping us understand where we can further focus our efforts to make the greatest impact for job seekers facing barriers and help make hiring more inclusive.


People with skills to offer often aren’t hired because they lack traditional credentials. Those who need more training to be competitive can’t identify gaps or the right training opportunities.

A focus on skills-first hiring means finding people with the skills needed to perform a job regardless of factors such as academic, job, or personal history. Skills-first hiring can help employers evolve to meet a changing workforce, secure candidates for hard-to-fill roles, broaden their talent pools, and increase on-the-job success of their hires.

People with disabilities face additional barriers to finding a job and may need additional accommodations on the job.

Indeed believes in the power of human potential and strives to remove barriers that get in the way of people with disabilities getting jobs. This is the basis of our commitment to creating an accessible experience for all people who use our platform.

In a tight labor market, more companies are seeing the benefit of giving every candidate a fair chance. We know that job seekers with a criminal record – such as those formerly incarcerated — often face extra challenges, making it especially difficult to find the right opportunity.

Indeed is proud to be a fair chance employer and is actively working to improve employment opportunities for people with a criminal record.

Without critical support like digital access and transportation, people struggle to find work and stay employed.

Indeed’s Essentials to Work program provides critical resources — such as access to technology, transportation, and record-clearing services — to job seekers who need them most.

How Social Impact at Indeed works

As part of our ESG commitments, we’re focused on helping 30M people facing barriers get hired by 2030. We know we can’t do that alone. We work with national and community-based partners across the globe to set our strategic priorities and shape the way our platform and products work. We also invest in partnerships that directly help people facing barriers get the support they need before, during, and after the hire.

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By combining the best of what our partners offer with Indeed’s technology, data, insights, and access to networks of employers, we can further our mission to help all people get jobs.

Case study

As part of our strategic focus on fair chance hiring:

We heard directly from partner organizations that people impacted by the criminal legal system were having trouble determining which employers would hire them.

Thanks to their input, we created a fair chance filter to highlight employers who are open to hiring people who have been involved with the criminal legal system.

We learned how many people who were eligible to have their criminal records cleared did not have the resources to do so.

So, we invested in expungement services across the U.S. through our Essentials to Work program.

We know what an important role employers play in removing bias and barriers.

We have used our platform to educate employers about fair chance best practices, and joined networks like the Second Chance Business Coalition to build stronger connections among committed employers

Supporting refugee job seekers

Following our initial response to the War in Ukraine, Indeed has continued to partner with humanitarian organizations and government agencies to connect refugee job seekers to employment opportunities with our refugee job fair events series.

Between December 2022 and October 2023, Indeed held the biggest series of job fairs yet, with seven events in six cities, including Krakow, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, London, and Warsaw.

The series now has ambitious plans for 2024 with additional job fairs planned to expand the program to more European cities and Australia.



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Employee engagement

Indeed empowers our employees to engage in the issues they are passionate about while giving back to the communities where we live and work.

Good Deeds

Through Good Deeds, Indeed’s employee volunteering and donation matching platform, Indeedians supported 1,500 community organizations globally, donated over $2 million, and provided over 6,500 hours of volunteer service in 2022.

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Job Squad

Job Squad is our dedicated program for Indeedian volunteers to support job seekers in our communities and make their job search more successful. We partner with organizations to catalyze their impact and empower Indeedians to make a difference in their own communities.

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