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Attracting great talent often begins with a clear, compelling job description. But they’re time-consuming to write. And that time would be better spent where it matters most: engaging with great candidates. 

Over the past year, generative AI tools have significantly sped up the job description writing process. And now, with Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator tool, Indeed has combined the benefits of OpenAI’s GPT with Indeed’s own proprietary AI to quickly create compelling job descriptions. 

The resulting job descriptions aren’t just fast to create and easy to edit. By leveraging Indeed’s machine learning and vast database of job descriptions, Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator also suggests specific phrases and details that will help hiring professionals better attract the most relevant, quality candidates. This tool is just one of more than 100 AI-powered job search and recruitment features across Indeed.

'Since our beginning in 2004, Indeed has used AI to achieve our mission of helping people get jobs,' says Indeed Executive Vice President and General Manager for Employer, Raj Mukherjee. 

'Today, someone gets a job on Indeed every three seconds, thanks largely to our advancements in AI such as personalised job recommendations and intelligent salary estimation for jobs,' Mukherjee adds. 

In addition, AI serves as the foundation of Indeed’s evolution to a quality matching and hiring platform

'Now, with Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator, we’re putting the power of Indeed AI directly into the hands of hiring professionals,' Mukherjee says.

Indeed Executive Vice President and General Manager for Employer, Raj Mukherjee

To date, more than 750,000 employers have used Indeed's AI Job Description Generator on nearly 2 million jobs to help them hire more efficiently. It’s available now at no additional cost to employers in the US, UK, Canada and France who post jobs directly on Indeed

Here’s what you need to know about Indeed’s new AI tool.

The challenges of writing effective job descriptions

Research shows that on average, HR professionals spend two hours or more writing just one job description. The hours tally up as they strive to make a description detailed, appealing and clear. The time-consuming headaches include the need to:

  • provide details of role requirements: A job description isn’t merely about listing tasks. As the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) points out, it's about detailing necessary skills, competencies, behaviours and potential performance objectives. Achieving this requires a close look at each role’s intricacies.
  • manage multiple stakeholders and multiple revisions: Crafting isn't a solo journey. HR professionals must often consult with hiring managers, team leads and sometimes current employees to ensure accuracy in their job descriptions. This collaboration, while essential, means more revisions and extended timelines.
  • strike a balance: A job description must be clear and concise as well as engaging and inclusive. Striking this balance often leads to multiple drafts and iterations to ensure the language isn't too jargon-heavy or inadvertently exclusionary.
  • navigate any legal considerations: When writing a job description, it’s important to consider any legal regulations or laws as they relate to your industry, jobs and hiring practices. Doing this often adds another layer of review, lengthening the process.

These are just some of the realities for HR professionals and hiring managers. Small business owners face the same challenges – and often while juggling multiple roles and with fewer resources. 

How Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator can help you

Indeed's AI Job Description Generator leverages OpenAI’s GPT to produce the core job description. Then, paired with Indeed’s machine learning expertise and vast taxonomy on millions of job descriptions and hiring signals spanning several years of data collection, Indeed’s tool adds specific phrases and details that can help you tailor the job description to the candidates you want to attract. The resulting description, delivered within seconds, combines the power of OpenAI and Indeed’s unique and vast data on what it takes to hire a candidate successfully. 

Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator delivers valuable benefits, including:   

  • Tailored descriptions: Leveraging the combination of OpenAI and Indeed’s deep repository of data on jobs, job posts, candidate behaviour, candidate applications and more, Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator quickly and intelligently drafts job descriptions tailored to your needs. You provide a few of the basics. From there, the tool creates a comprehensive draft, which is processed through Indeed’s internal application estimators to ensure the job description will perform well. 
  • Editable descriptions: While Indeed’s new tool can provide a complete draft, you decide what goes into the final version. There’s room for input and revisions, ensuring that the description is personalised and aligns with the specific role and your company’s ethos. Nothing gets published without your review, potential edits and approval.
  • More potential and relevant applicants: The tool provides recommendations and suggestions, such as the job title, to help improve the chances of getting quality applicants. 
  • More meaningful connections. Employers who have used the tool are seeing on average an approximately 16% increase in positive connections – actions that can lead to potentially hiring someone, such as an email response or an interview. 
  • Time savings: The majority of people can take two hours or more to write a job description from scratch, according to talent management solutions provider HRSG. In comparison, after users provided the core details, Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator created job descriptions from scratch in under five seconds on average, according to Indeed data from beta tests with customers. This allows hiring managers, HR professionals and small business owners to invest time in refining and personalising job descriptions, instead of writing them from start to finish.
  • Compliance with Indeed’s job description guidelines: Indeed has safeguards in place to flag and eliminate anything in a job description that might be inappropriate or doesn’t comply with Indeed’s guidelines, such as avoiding the use of inappropriate language. Job descriptions generated using the tool automatically comply with Indeed’s job description guidelines – which helps to eliminate one more task on your to-do list.

Get started with the AI Job Description Generator

You can try out Indeed’s AI Job Description Generator today. You don’t even need to post a job to see how it works.

  1. Go to (If you don’t have an Indeed account, start here.)
  2. Log into your Indeed account.
  3. In the 'Jobs' section, click 'Post a job'.
  4. In the 'Create a job post' section, choose one of two generative AI options: 
  • 'Use smart recommendations to complete a new post'. Provide a few inputs and let Indeed build a complete job post for you, powered by Indeed data and AI.
  • 'Start with a new post'. Build your job post step by step and get tips and suggestions at each step, powered by Indeed data and AI.
  1. Tell Indeed a little about your recruitment needs. Add the job title, choose how many people you’re looking for for this role and describe the role type (full-time, part-time, and so on).
  2. The AI Job Description Generator will offer recommendations based on Indeed data for titles and language you can use to increase your chances of getting more quality applications for your job. You can choose to accept or reject those recommendations. 
  3. Generate a complete draft of your new job description.
  4. You can post the draft as is or edit it to ensure it meets your needs. Once the description is posted, you can further refine or edit it as needed. 
Screenshot of Indeed AI job post tool using ChatGPT to generate a job description.

Other job description resources that can help 

Need additional help crafting the most compelling job descriptions? Here are additional resources: 

Tips and templates to help you learn everything you need to know about creating great job descriptions.

In an era of constant distractions, visual job descriptions matter, helping your postings stand apart.

Getting back to what matters most

Chances are, you didn’t become a hiring professional because you love writing job descriptions – or doing any of the other repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are necessary in the competition for talent. You likely chose this profession because you want to find great talent for your company, interact with people one-on-one, and help them find jobs they’ll love. 

That’s the exciting potential of AI. 

'The more you can use new technology to take those time-consuming tasks off your plate,' says Mukherjee, 'the more you can focus on what really matters: making hiring simpler, faster and more human.'