Indeed believes everyone deserves to thrive in the workplace: regardless of who you are, where you work, and what you do. Indeed's 2023 Better Work Awards honour the top companies who are prioritising work wellbeing and building a future of better work.

Indeed’s 2023 Better Work Awards UK honour the nation’s top ten employers for work wellbeing. Announced today, these highlight genuinely outstanding UK companies when it comes to the experience of employees, based on their actual workers’ testimonies. 

For these awards, we restrict admissibility to companies headquartered in the UK with over 1000 employees and with more than 100 employee ratings given in the past 12 months.

Here are the 10 UK winners of Indeed’s Better Work Awards 2023:

1. Kingsley Healthcare

Work Wellbeing Score: 85

About the company: Kingsley Healthcare achieves scores in the top quadrant for every single category measured in our well being measurements – not only happiness, purpose, satisfaction and lack-of-stress, but also each of the 11 sub-measurements that contribute to the overall score, like trust, inclusion and management. A singular achievement for a standout employer.

2. The Entertainer

Work Wellbeing Score: 75

About the company: The Entertainer believes itself to be a unique retail business—like a signature that cannot be copied. It’s very nearly unique for employee satisfaction, too. The company achieves scores in the top quadrant for happiness, purpose and satisfaction, as well as 10 of the 11 sub-scores that go into the overall score.

3. The Body Shop

Work Wellbeing Score: 71

About the company: The Body Shop has always held that business could be a force for good. That mantra also applies to how the company treats its staff, with higher-than-average scores in all wellbeing measures. Notably, The Body Shop is in the top quadrant when it comes to how staff feel about the fairness of their compensation.

4. Kelly Group

Work Wellbeing Score: 71

About the company: A leader in telecommunications, Kelly Group scores higher than average for happiness, purpose and satisfaction by its workforce, and for eight of the eleven sub-measurements that help to determine its overall well being score, including trust, belonging, inclusion and support.

5. Clarks

Work Wellbeing Score: 70

About the company: Clarks operates in over 100 markets worldwide, supported by nearly 7,000 employees across the world. It scores over-average for happiness, purpose and satisfaction, and for nine of the eleven sub-measurements that influence the overall score, including support, inclusion, management and belonging.

6. Jaguar Land Rover

Work Wellbeing Score: 70

About the company: Jaguar Land Rover has always aimed to be at the avant-garde of technologies and design in luxury vehicles, and to achieve that, it treats its workforce well. The company achieves balanced scores in almost all areas of well being, with a top quadrant score for the fairness of the compensation offered, according to its workforce.

7. Bluebird Care

Work Wellbeing Score: 70

About the company: Bluebird Care provides quality home care so that its customers can remain in their own homes: it's one of the largest providers of homecare services in the UK.. Employees particularly rate the company for the sense of purpose it creates, and for the learning opportunities it provides for them. None of the 15 measurements constituting the overall score falls below average.

8. Exemplar Health Care

Work Wellbeing Score: 70

About the company: A leading provider of specialist nursing care, Exemplar Health Care’s mission is to make every day better for the people it supports and its colleagues. It achieves balanced scores across happiness, purpose, satisfaction and (lower) stress, as well as in nine of the eleven sub-measurements that contribute to the overall score.

9. John Lewis & Partners

Work Wellbeing Score: 70

About the company: The John Lewis & Partners is the UK’s largest employee-owned business, with workers each holding a share in the company. The company has managed to achieve above-average scores in each of the 15 measurements that contribute to employee well being, showing a holistic approach to the matter.

10. Anchor

Work Wellbeing Score: 70

About the company: As England’s largest provider of specialist housing and care for those in later life, Anchor is the fourth healthcare company in our top ten. The company scores higher than most other UK companies for purpose and satisfaction at work, according to employees, and none of the 15 measurements that feed into the overall score fall below average.

The Wellbeing Advantage

The vast majority of UK workers say work wellbeing factors are crucial to their choice of future employer and their likelihood of changing jobs. In a survey conducted for Indeed by research agency Forrester, 85% of workers agreed that it is important to find companies that care about how they feel, yet only 40% felt that senior leadership at their company often shows they care about how employees feel at work1.

The survey also found that workers at companies with a higher level of work wellbeing were more likely to remain in place: 86% planned to stay in their current job for the next 12 months, compared to just 46% of those working for companies with a lower commitment to wellbeing2. In a period of near full employment, all businesses need to do their utmost to create happy, fulfilling jobs and workplaces in order to retain the talent they need.

Given the importance of wellbeing indicators – happiness, purpose, satisfaction and manageable stress –  to potential employees, Indeed collects and displays wellbeing data across thousands of companies on Indeed. Fueled by millions of employee insights, the Indeed Work Wellbeing Score is the world's largest study of work wellbeing.

Recognition in these awards provides a reliable measure of firms’ commitment to their employees. This is an enormous achievement in itself. A committed, thriving workforce is something that almost any company would aspire to, and it is highly likely they will reap a commercial advantage from that: the Oxford University’s Said Business School published research in 2019 establishing that happy workers are more productive. Such businesses will also find it easier to retain staff and to attract new talent. They’re winners in many ways.

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, who is Director of the Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University and co-founder of non-profit World Wellbeing Movement told us:

“Research consistently shows that how we feel at work matters. It deeply impacts our general wellbeing, our productivity and benefits society.

“For employers, the wellbeing of their workforce cannot be underestimated as our research shows that those who prioritise wellbeing reap the rewards of higher productivity and improved employee retention and attraction. In turn, this leads to greater business performance. This is something we’ve now shown to be the case in both hard financial metrics as well as stock market performance.

“Indeed’s 2023 Better Work Awards are determined by data from the world's largest study on employee wellbeing with a majority of this year’s top-performing UK companies either in healthcare and retail. Given the war for talent over the last year it may not be surprising that these organisations have been at the forefront of creating work environments that seek to give workers the best possible experience.”

Businesses in the retail and healthcare sectors dominate the listings, with the only exceptions being Kelly Group and Jaguar Land Rover, from telecommunications and car manufacturing respectively. The healthcare and retail sectors have little in common, save that both are competing heavily for available talent, and are very much invested in serving and caring for other people. These two factors might naturally increase the importance of worker wellbeing into the culture and management of many such companies.

Learn more about Indeed's Better Work Awards, including the complete methodology and advice on leveraging your own company's score.

 1,2 Source: Indeed Work Wellbeing Report, based on a commissioned survey (n=1,517 UK adults), conducted by Forrester Consulting, 2023