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Commercial Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Commercial Manager, or Business Development Manager, is responsible for growing a profitable portfolio of customers for a company. Their duties include negotiating and overseeing contracts, pursuing new business opportunities and leading a company’s sales and marketing strategies.

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Commercial Manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of Commercial Managers vary from one company to another, but some of the typical day-to-day tasks of the job include:

  • Bringing in new business from existing and new clients
  • Reviewing and developing operational processes to improve performance and maximise growth
  • Managing daily operations
  • Working together with relevant departments to develop accurate and consistent bids
  • Establishing sales targets and ensuring that a company meets these
  • Managing risk assessments for new initiatives
  • Overseeing and developing cross-functional teams
  • Staying aware of the latest trends and developments and representing a company at industry events
  • Assisting with product planning
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Commercial Manager Job Description Examples:

What does a Commercial Manager do?

Commercial Managers aim to broaden the market share of a company by identifying business opportunities, such as new partnerships, markets or mergers. They typically collaborate with various business units and teams within a company to drive business development. This may include working together with an executive team to develop strategies or helping Product Managers promote and develop existing solutions. They also work alongside a company’s sales and marketing teams to create new development opportunities and establish a company’s brand.

Commercial Manager skills and qualifications

Commercial Managers should have the ability to develop and maintain effective relationships either with customers, suppliers, senior management or other teams in a company. They should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They must have the ability to listen to the needs and requirements of various stakeholders and be able to effectively verbalise their own ideas. A successful Commercial Manager will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Strong leadership skills to guide and motivate teams
  • Excellent organisational skills to balance and prioritise their workload and meet deadlines
  • Excellent customer service skills to grow a company’s client base
  • Knowledge of project management and risk management
  • Solid financial skills, including financial reporting abilities
  • Strong marketing development skills to successfully introduce new products into the mainstream
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations and industry trends
  • Strong strategic and negotiation skills to make sound commercial decisions

Commercial Manager experience requirements

Commercial Managers typically need previous experience in a managerial position. Previous experience in sales and marketing is also helpful. They must also have in-depth knowledge of various business functions, including business development, financial management of projects and customer management. Depending on the position, candidates may need to show experience in risk management, creating successful bids, overseeing projects from inception to completion, managing cross-functional teams and driving operational business metrics. Some positions may also require industry-specific experience.

Commercial Manager education and training requirements

Although it’s not a requirement, many Commercial Managers hold a bachelor’s degree in business development, business management, business administration or a related field. Candidates can gain a deeper knowledge of business fundamentals and learn how to successfully collaborate with stakeholders and coworkers colleagues by obtaining a master’s degree in business administration. There are also several professional qualifications in this field that candidates can pursue. The Managing & Marketing Sales Association (MAMSA), for instance, offers a certificate or diploma in marketing strategy and management.

Commercial Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary of a Commercial Manager in the UK is £51,426 per year. This figure varies depending on several factors, including the employer, experience and geographical location.

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Commercial Manager job description FAQs

What are the hours of a Commercial Manager?

Commercial Managers typically work regular weekday business hours. However, the job does require working overtime during busier periods, such as when developing bids or closing projects.

What's the difference between Project Managers and Commercial Managers?

Commercial Managers have a more senior position in a company than Project Managers and their scope of duties is much broader. Project Managers work in a project office and focus solely on closing projects within scope, time and budget. Although part of a Commercial Manager’s work involves ensuring that projects are profitable, their main focus is business development.

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