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Marketing Director Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Marketing Director, or Director of Marketing supervises the development of different branding techniques and marketing campaigns. Marketing Directors’ duties include research on an organisation’s products or services. They set budgets for the marketing department and develop marketing strategies to promote the organisation’s products or brands for increasing its market share.

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Marketing Director duties and responsibilities

Marketing Directors focus on developing marketing initiatives to increase the sales and profitability of an organisation. The precise duties and responsibilities of a Marketing Director depend on the organisation. However, their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Developing a long-term plan for the development of an organisation’s brand
  • Working closely with the creative, marketing and sales teams to create advertising campaigns and promotions
  • Developing and understanding the budgets for marketing research to inform the organisation’s marketing strategies
  • Coordinating the marketing projects from beginning to end
  • Attending meetings, marketing events and conferences
  • Managing relationships with the corporate partners of the organisation
  • Overseeing the brand marketing campaigns, once implemented
  • Communicating the marketing plan with the marketing managers
  • Coordinating all media contacts and ensuring that the company consistently gets print and digital coverage
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Marketing Director Job Description Examples:

What does a Marketing Director do?

A Marketing Director performs research and analysis of the trends relating to an organisation’s products or services to develop marketing strategies. Their involvement varies from brainstorming ideas to executing the branding techniques and marketing campaigns. A Marketing Director focusses on increasing the sales or customers of an organisation’s brand to increase its familiarity.

Marketing Director skills and qualifications

Marketing Directors need to have a combination of sales, communication and leadership skills. Bonus skills include creativity and an artistic eye. A successful Marketing Director candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • An excellent ability to sell the organisation’s products and services
  • Outstanding verbal communication skills
  • The ability to use a computer and popular software packages along with CRM suites such as Hubspot
  • The ability to use initiative at times
  • Excellent leadership skills and ability to motivate marketing teams
  • Customer service skills
  • A keen eye for detail and organised work ethic
  • Comprehensive knowledge of business and brand management

Marketing Director experience requirements

Many employers prefer candidates with at least eight to ten years of experience in marketing with a strong brand experience. Employers usually require substantial knowledge and understanding of digital marketing, product planning and strategic brand planning skills. Some larger organisations prefer work experience in an international company. The ideal candidates also have extensive experience in leading and managing teams.

Marketing Director education and training requirements

Marketing Directors need a university degree in marketing, advertising, communication or business management. Additional qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations or the Institute of Data and Marketing are also beneficial. Successful candidates need a marketing manager degree apprenticeship before applying for a Marketing Director’s position.

Marketing Director salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Marketing Director in the UK is £68,323 per year. The salary level depends on the company, its location and the years of experience required.

Job description samples for similar positions

If the job description of a Marketing Director is not what you are looking for, here are sample job descriptions for similar positions:

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Marketing Director job description FAQ

What are the reporting lines for a Marketing Director?

Marketing Director positions are senior positions. They often report directly to the Chief Executive Officer of an organisation. In large organisations, the Marketing Managers report to the Marketing Director. In some other organisations, the Marketing Director may have no direct subordinates and may work with the sales, marketing or creative teams in a collaborative manner.

What is the difference between a Marketing Director and a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Directors oversee the development of branding techniques and marketing campaigns for the entire organisation to increase the overall sales of the organisation’s products. Marketing Managers focus on the marketing of specific products of the organisation. The Marketing Director’s scope is much broader than the Marketing Manager’s. Both Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers require outstanding communication, leadership and people management skills.

How can you make a Marketing Director job description stand out?

Start by providing details of the duties and responsibilities, including the size of the organisation and teams that the Marketing Director will be leading. Then add details of preferred experience, certifications and qualifications for the job. If the position requires travel between different countries or locations, mention it in the requirements section. It’s also helps if you specify benefits such as bonuses, stock options or paid vacations.

Job Description Examples

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