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Quality Control Inspector Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Quality Control Inspector, or Quality Assurance Inspector, ensures that production standards are met and maintained for a given product before it leaves the place it’s manufactured in. They perform inspections on random samples from a production line, identify defects in the manufacturing process and correcting them.

The Quality Control Inspector organises inspections according to internal and legal standards. It is their job to ensure that a quality product is delivered for consumers. Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and calibrating measuring equipment to various testing standards
  • Questioning the nature of defects while providing future solutions
  • Alerting the Quality Assurance department of ongoing problems and delivering resolutions
  • Inspecting raw materials to ensure consistency and integrity
  • Filling out and maintaining proper paperwork
  • Complying with any and all standards, internal policies and legal regulations that apply to the finished product
  • Comparing finished products to original patents
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What does a Quality Control Inspector do?

A Quality Control Inspector makes the final confirmation when it comes to the quality of a product that’s sold for consumption. They are also responsible for testing components that are used in the manufacture of a finished product. A Quality Control Inspector uses various measuring tools to make sure parts are within standard variances.

They examine raw materials for purity and make sure that manufacturing results meet internal standards for production. The Quality Control Inspector also monitors the production-line cycle and shares findings with relevant superiors. The main task of the Quality Control Inspector is to prevent errors from occurring within the manufacturing process.

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Quality Control Inspector Job Description Examples:

Quality Control Inspector skills and qualifications

A Quality Control Inspector uses their training, soft skills and specialised knowledge during their inspections. They make sure that products are made to the standards by studying their industry regulations. A successful Quality Control Inspector candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • Radiography and magnetic-particle testing
  • Safety assurance, utilizing QC software
  • Dimensional analysis
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Micrometer, gauge, measuring scale and caliper use
  • Blueprint, ingredient and schematic interpretation
  • Quality Technician briefing and leading

Quality Control Inspector experience requirements

An ideal candidate should have an apprenticeship at the very minimum or received training on the job. They start by first learning the manufacturing process of their employer. The Quality Control Inspector needs to be proficient in handling the tools of the trade as it applies to the work at hand. Since a Quality Control Inspector is industry-specific, they possess one to three years of experience for a junior role. For a senior role, they need five to seven years.

Quality Control Inspector education and training requirements

There are no specific educational programs for the role of Quality Control Inspector. However, relevant degrees include production management, business management and manufacturing in engineering. Qualified candidates have experience working in the same or similar industry as the hiring organisation. The Quality Control Inspector needs to be completely familiar with your product. Many Quality Control Inspectors receive training certifications in the standards that are used for the production of a given product. A candidate should be able to demonstrate that they have a working knowledge of the software ,or have the willingness to learn it.

Quality Control Inspector salary expectations

A Quality Control Inspector earns £32,962 a year. Actual pay is dependent on their experience, level of education and geographical location.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Quality Control Inspector job description FAQs

Do Quality Control Inspectors have different responsibilities in different industries?

Quality Control Inspectors tend to have the same responsibilities regardless of their industry. The main purpose of their position is to make sure that the product being produced meets the standards of the manufacturer. A Quality Control Inspector should be able to start in their position easily. Depending on the company, the Quality Control Inspector may only be needed to perform some of the duties as opposed to all of them. Make sure to clearly describe the responsibilities you want a Quality Control Inspector candidate to cover.

What should you look for in a Quality Control Inspector CV?

You should look for proficiency in maths, writing skills, use of the scientific method and an eye for detail. Their CV should demonstrate experience in the industry in the same industry or in a similar role to your company’s. The individual should have skills that are a match or near-match to the position you are offering.

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